Fitness 360 - Nacogdoches, TX

24-hour fitness in Nacogdoches, Texas

Located in Nacogdoches, Texas, Fitness 360 offers 24-hour access for all members. With experts in Personal Training, a new Cross-Training Area, and an Improved Weight Room, Fitness 360 has something for everyone. 

About FITNESS 360


Fitness 360 is Nacogdoches' first 24hr fitness center! Born out of a desire to create a great gym for the town, Fitness 360 combines a family-friendly environment with world-class work out facilities. Brand new amenities include a spin room, cross-training area, as well as an improved weight area and updated locker room.  

Fitness 360 offers a place where fitness can be achieved through many personalized options - a community center that has all aspects in one place. 

Stop in today to learn more or to find your perfect fitness regimen!



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4822 N. University Drive

Nacogdoches, TX 75965

(936) 569-0068

Kevin, Owner


A born and bred Texan, Kevin has been involved in fitness his entire life. He'd never tell you, but Kevin has won several body-building competitions! His vast knowledge of training and diet, along with degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition, gives Kevin a deep understanding of what the body needs to be healthy and obtain optimal results.Kevin has worked and been involved in the fitness industry for 22 years. 

If Kevin is not at the front desk greeting guests, you can find him in the updated weight room! 

Kevin and his two daughters live in Nacogdoshes. 


Monica,s love for exercise and fitness inspired her to leave her career in nursing to pursue her dream job in the fitness industry. She proudly manages and operates Fitness 360 along side owner Kevin White. Monica loves the guests and members and they all love her as well!

Monica can always be found at the front desk to answer any questions or help in any way she can! She is also bilingual(Se nabla Espanol)!


4822 N. University Dr., Nacogdoches, TX 75965 / (936) 569-0068